HEY UNIBABE! OUR HOLIDAY IS AROUND THE CORNER!To celebrate our national holiday, we have a special for you! Juneteenth is a special day because it memorializes June 19, 1865 where all enslaved people were freed! Although our people were emancipated two years prior, the chains still remained in states like Texas until JUNETEENTH.

Fast forward to 2020 where a lot of injustice is still around, but black people have climbed very far since 1865. The journey to freedom is still an uphill battle, but without the support of our people we are hopeless. I challenge you to support your favorite brands during this day as we celebrate how far our culture has come and where we are going. Discount or not, BUY BLACK ONLY.

UNICOILS will celebrate one of the most important Holidays of the year by attending the Grand Rapids, MI Juneteenth celebration where we will be marching, we will have a booth set up for local shoppers AND providing 19% off all sales during this day! NO CODE NEEDED! WE WILL RESTOCK EVERY PRODUCT! PRESALE AVAILABLE!